The Challenge


 We are in the midst of amazing times. Things are changing every day and the world seems to become more unsettled as we go.

No matter what we may face in the midst of all of these issues: THE PURPLE DOOR CHURCH WILL CONTINUE!

              We will still be fulfilling our mission of “Creating new disciples for Jesus Christ in order to transform the World.” Instead of pulling back in the midst of these troubles, this church has sought to move forward and be a lighthouse of hope, never failing, reminding all persons that there is a hope that is always present. We are focusing on new Discipleship opportunities, empowered Children, Youth, and Family ministries, and sharing our mission around the world. Your Leadership Team and Staff team are constantly seeking ways our church can and should be in ministry.

              God is not done with the Purple Door Church yet! While the last few years have been tough ones on the economy and issues that affect us, I remain steadfast in my belief that our best days are not in our past, but are ahead of us. We have faced challenges in the past and have seen God lead us through them. Now we are continuing to trust God as we look to the future.

This is Our Church …. This is Our Community ….  This is Our Time ….

              Now is the time to prepare ourselves for the future that God has planned for us. I, along with the Leadership Team, are proposing a bold plan that is designed to free us from debt, refresh our facilities to better serve our Discipleship, Children, Youth, and Family ministries, and prepare us for a future that we will be trusting God to lead us through.

Dennis Sig2

Dr. Rev. Dennis Mohler, Lead Pastor

Where We Are

Our Past

Grove City UMC was started in 1859. In these last 156 years, we have worshipped in 4 buildings, and thousands of followers of Christ have grown in their faith. The Worship Center and surrounding area was added in 2006 with a $4 million debt. Each time, whenever the church has been faced with new challenges, we have done what is needed to make the ministry happen.

Our Present

The Purple Door Church’s mission is to CONNECT people to Jesus Christ, so that their lives may be TRANSFORMED, so that we may SERVE those within our congregation, our community, and around the world. The largest challenge the church is facing today is connecting a lost generation to Jesus Christ. Could there be any better investment in the future than pouring into the lives of those who do not know of the amazing power and hope of what it means to live a life for Jesus?

  • Table 2:15 – A bold, new worship service during the 11:00 am Contemporary time to reach out to young families of the millennial generation.
  • World Missions – Viet Nam, Africa, Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica.
  • Missionary from Mexico, Lizzy Ortiz Herrera, working with us in a cross-cultural experience with the Oriental Conference in Mexico.
  • Monthly Community outreach and mission to the schools, community, nursing homes, food pantries, overseas soldiers, our surrounding neighborhood, and many, many other opportunities.
  • New Discipleship Pathways in teaching and growing steps with new focus on Bible Studies and other learnings.
  • Love Up – Love Out. New Children, Youth and Family theme. Newly updated, state-of-the-art sound and media system in the Sanctuary.
  • New 11:00 am Children’s Worship gathering (in process)
  • Monthly Community Meals (in process)
  • Constantly seeking new ways in which we can be a lighthouse of God’s Hope in the midst of a fearful and hurting world.

Where We Are Going

We have sought to be a congregation of dreamers, listening for God’s vision and boldly pursuing it. As we look to the future, we believe that God’s greatest plans are still ahead of us. We live in a time and place of great spiritual opportunity – we are in a fast-growing area of Central Ohio and yet many of those persons are non-churched, many without any life experience in the church. Every week, people walk through our doors or drive by while searching for truth and hope. We want to be a place where they discover truth and find answers to life’s toughest problems so that they may have a relationship with Jesus Christ that provides hope through all things.

To achieve these things, we are proposing to move forward with Phase 1 of a 5-year plan to do the following:

  • Eliminate our remaining $2.7 million dollar debt within the next 5 years.
  • Complete, renew, and refresh our facility in order to better facilitate our need for more emphasis on our key programming needs.
    • New Youth Area that will provide a worship space, meeting area, and game area.
    • Childcare for our 11 AM Worship hour.
    • Create a comprehensive Elder Care Program.
    • Giving a face lift to the Family Life Center, Cafe, Fellowship Hall, and hallways.

80% of the funds raised will go toward eliminating our current debt with the remaining 20% to fund our facility upgrades.

When thinking about such a great financial challenge, we have not entered this season without caution. We have been working with a third-party stewardship consulting firm to study our giving patterns over the last few years. We conducted surveys and interviews of our members to get a fuller sense of where people are tracking with the vision to help assess our giving capacity.

I ask you to join with me in praying for our church and the success of this campaign. God is not done with the Purple Door Church yet. Our best is yet to be seen. I fully believe that our time is now to prepare ourselves for whatever lies ahead.

Phase I will strive to raise $1 million over the next two years!

How Do We Get There


Seeking God’s will is the foundation of this campaign. Pray for the Grove City United Methodist Church, our ministers, our people and our ministries.

Get Involved

Look around, ask questions, find out what God is doing in people’s lives through the Purple Door Church. Think about how you can go deeper into your life with Him and His people as we go forward with our mission.

Make A Prayerful Pledge Decision

Think and pray about what you might offer. For some, this may mean a weekly or monthly commitment (in addition to your regular giving). For others, it may mean gifting a tangible asset to the church (stocks, bonds, property, etc.). For still others, it may mean transforming time, talent, or ability into a financial gift for the future of the church. In any case, pray that God would lead you in making your decision about how to give to this campaign, and join your gifts to the gifts of the congregation at our Celebration Sunday service on April 24, 2016.

What Should A Capital Campaign Gift Be?

“Not Equal Gifts, but Equal Sacrifice” describes our understanding of stewardship. The phrase restates the Biblical principles of comparable giving. And so, while not everyone has the resources to make a million-dollar gift, every person can make a prayerful, sacrificial gift, and each of these is a significant gift in God’s eyes. Therefore, we will be encouraging an equal sense of commitment and sacrifice throughout the congregation with each person prayerfully determining what it means to sacrifice, and what you can do to participate in this campaign.

There are a variety of ways in which to make a contribution to support the vision and mission:

  • Cash & Outright Gifts
  • Appreciated Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds
  • Life-Income Gifts
  • Estate Gifts
  • Life Insurance

How It All Breaks Down

For every dollar that is committed through this campaign 80% will go towards debt reduction and the remaining 20% will go towards facility upgrades. Below you will see how it all breaks down depending on how much we can raise during Phase 1.

IF WE RAISE $750,000

$600,000 for debt reduction
$150,000 for facility upgrades

Debt would reduce to $1.9 Million

IF WE RAISE $1,000,000

$800,000 for debt reduction
$200,000 for facility upgrades

Debt would reduce to $1.7 Million

IF WE RAISE $1,250,000

$1,000,000 for debt reduction
$250,000 for facility upgrades

Debt would reduce to $1.5 Million

Giving Chart

To the right is a chart that shows how we can reach our goal of Phase 1. Not all of us are in the same financial abilities to give. However, we simply ask please pray over this and see what God is calling you to commit to in addition to your tithe. Some will be able to give a large gift. Some will be able to give a small gift.